If you aren’t a member yet, please read the following:

I hate spammers just as much as the next person.

Unfortunately, due to ridiculous amounts of spam, I need you to do ONE MORE THING in order for me to activate your account:

Email me (Tom) at info@upoverland.org

Subject – something along the lines of “Hey dude! Activate my account!!” will work ?

I’ll need your USERNAME and/or EMAIL ADDRESS that you registered with included in the email. It’s just one more step and has proven to be the best way for us to keep our forum clean and relevant to U.P. Adventure. Thanks for understanding, and as anyone here can confirm, when I get that email you’re going to be activated right away.

One last thing: We don’t make money doing this & while I understand some people are just “demanding”, it isn’t going to do you any good to be rude, demanding, or pushy about getting your account activated. We’re just normal dudes sharing an outdoor lifestyle & we HAVE FULL-TIME JOBS that sometimes keep us busy and away from the board for a few days. I won’t activate your account if your first interaction with us is obnoxious; both Kristian and I prefer to keep that kind of negative energy off the forum.